O Sai Baba is looking for an App Developer

We are looking to develop an app for our website. Earlier Mobile was just for communications. Now a days, with the advancement of the technologies, mobile applications help today’s world in communicating better on mobile and makes maximum use of mobile space. Here are the features we are looking for: iPhone Mobile Application Development – We require an iphone developer / expert who can develop more sophisticated and customised iphone based mobile application for our requirements. Blackberry Mobile Application Development – We need an experienced developer with experience using RIM’s…

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About Sri Satya Saibaba

The meaning of word SAT is Truth. It is supreme and for ordinary human beings who are involved in his materialistic needs. The word SAI means universal love and BABA is an incredible name for creating the spiritual waves for millions of people in this world. The greatest saint in Maharashtra is   Sri Satya Saibaba. A story about Saibaba: The baby was lying in bed and move upwards, and a cobra is found on the down of bed. Avatar Vishnu is lying on thousands of head snakes. The name…

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