About Sri Satya Saibaba

The meaning of word SAT is Truth. It is supreme and for ordinary human beings who are involved in his materialistic needs. The word SAI means universal love and BABA is an incredible name for creating the spiritual waves for millions of people in this world. The greatest saint in Maharashtra is   Sri Satya Saibaba.

A story about Saibaba:

The baby was lying in bed and move upwards, and a cobra is found on the down of bed. Avatar Vishnu is lying on thousands of head snakes. The name of head snakes is called as sesha. The snake found on the down of baby is the new avatar of God Vishnu. Some people say to Saibaba,” If you became Sai Baba means you have to prove now.” Baba spread the jasmine flowers on the floor, the word SAIBABA has been displaced on the floor frequently all people are amazing, and they believe the Saibaba. Saibaba produces Libutti regularly. Saibaba is one of the greatest masters to live and love. The people problem is easily understand solved by great God Saibaba. He serves as the reliable and greatest of enlightenment.

About Shirdi Sai yoga:

The great Sai Baba gave Shirdi Sai yoga technique. Saibaba provides physic and meditation techniques in 5 steps. This yoga technique will improve one’s self-realization skill. It not only helps to balance once spiritual, mental and physical activity but also develops the intellectual skills.

Now a day’s people with stress are cured by this yoga technique. It also teaches traditional yoga, meditation, and asana techniques. By this method, the people will energize one’s mind by solving the entire problem. The people can improve the fitness, sports performance and overall quality of life by this Sai yoga.

Temple of Saibaba:

Shirdi is located in Maharashtra which is one of the top pilgrimage places in India.The people rush to shirdi with strong faith and return with fulfilled satisfaction.