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      本公司成立于2013年3月,是一家集科技開發、生產銷售、服務為一體的專業醫療器械生產企業。我們本著優良、更始的經營理念,制定了長遠的發展目標,聘請了各方面專業的技術人員及管理人員,其中大專及其以上文憑15人,工程師3名,引進了切割機、自動訂扣機、電腦自控縫紉機以及國內先進的熱合機流水線系統。形成了年輕化、專業化、技術化、制度化的新型企業。本公司現生產多功能電動護理床、多功能翻身護理床、普通病床、手搖式病床、防褥瘡氣床墊、頸椎牽引器、醫用固定帶、腹帶、醫用外固定支具、醫用氣墊、醫用體位墊、醫用氧氣袋、運動護具、羊絨護具、氣墊、充氣泵、助行器、拐杖、手杖、坐便椅和輪椅系列產品。本公司擁有鼎力、鼎圣康、虎獻、艾能迪四大品牌,產品通過一套完整的因特網終端銷售系統、電話查詢及配、送貨系統,銷往全國各地,并實行優良、高品質、及時的售后服務。   “依自主更始發展,靠至誠至信興業”是鼎力公司一貫的宗旨。鼎力人將秉承“產品就是人品,質量就是生命,服務至上,顧客滿意的質量方針,用“質量、服務”做大做強,不斷標新,靠鼎力的實力打造醫療用品行業的優良產品。Hebei Dingli Medical Apparatus and Instrument Co, LTD Located in Jizhou City that is the top of ancient China Jizhou City is the South of Heshui   Lake that is the beautiful scenery of the National Wetland Nature Reserve and the second largest freshwater lake of Hebei Province, and Jizhou City has a supenor geographical position, convenient transportation, around super highway, has a long humanity history and develop and stable economic   Our company is founded in March 2013, it is a professional medical device manufacturer that is incorporated research and technological development producing, saling and service. We have operation philosophy that is based on superior quality, high efficient, big creative. We hired on aspects of professor and management talents. And we have full of equipment. We are younger, professionalization, technicalization, institutionalization company.Our company is producing Medical beds, Electricity beds, Prevent bedsore air mattress, Cervical traction apparatus, Medical fixed belt, bellyband Medical extemal fixation support, Medical air cushion, Medical posture mat, Medical oxygen bag, Sport protection, Wool protective devices, pump Mobility aid and Walking stick, Commode chair and Wheel chair. Our company has passed ISO9001: 2008 and ISO13485: 2003. and we have four   major brands, Dingli, Dingshengkang, Huyan and Ainengdi The products are sold through a complete set of internet terminal sales system, telephone query, distribution system, and sale to all over the world, We have high quality, efficient and timely after-sales service system.   Relying on the independent innovation development and the sincerity to our business. It is consistent principle of our company. Dingli Medical is adhering to the company policy that the product is the personal character, quality is life, the primacy of service, satisfaction of custom. We will exploit the market as quality and service, much more bigger and stronger, development constantly, We will build the top of brand of medical products industry by our real strength.




      醫用床市場調查與發展趨勢分析報告   醫用床市場調查與發展前景分析報告   醫用床由剛性床架和床面板組成,床面板又由靠背板、坐板和腳...






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